Huntingdon Valley Christian Academy

A Seventh-day Adventist school educating students to effectively impact their communities for Christ.

Our philosophy is that all children can achieve excellence. We believe that God has uniquely gifted each person and that we, as a school community, are responsible to develop those gifts to their full potential. We strive to help children discover God's purpose for their lives and to follow Christ's example of loving service. 

Our program seeks to educate the whole child -- mind, body, and spirit. Learning at HVCA is supported by rigorous academic standards. Our curriculum is infused with project-based learning activities that facilitate mastery of core subjects as well as significant life skills. Additionally, in our content-rich learning environment, children are engaged in the arts, physical education, and extra-curricular activities. Most importantly, we encourage students, and all members of the HVCA community, to seek a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and to discover the joy of service for the benefit of others.